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Quality Management System

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Improve the quality and environmental management system

Establishment and improvement of the quality management system is a systematic project, it needs the cooperation with human, financial, material and process management, as well as product quality assurance, customer satisfaction. With featured, operational, effective and suitable quality control system, the continuous operation and improvement can be reached also good for a virtuous cycle of further development.

Impeccable quality management system plays a pushing role during our company's scientific, systematic and standardized manager system. It improves staff's quality improved, professional image and achieves good social and economic benefits.

Over the years, our company focus on "providing the perfect cost-effective products, continued to meet customer expectations!" , and constantly establishment of a new system, so that the quality management system gets better and better from day to day. Uniworks follows the path of sustainable development to protect the ecological environment.


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Quality Management System Certificate

At the same time, Uniworks also gets the Environmental Management System Certificate as a actively respond to the callfor sustainable economic growth. Continuous improvement in the company's development system, enhance the company's technical capabilities, to follow the path of sustainable development and protecting the environment.

南京尤欧电子有限公司  南京尤欧电子有限公司