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Production safety

Risk Identification and Evaluation

Preparing the Risk Identification and Evaluation Guidelines, and specify the scope, methods, personnel and procedures of risk control.

Establish a systematic prevention management system, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and diseases, strictly control safety risks, and minimize the occurrence of industrial accidents and occupational diseases through hazard identification, risk evaluation and risk control.

Safety Inspection Plan

Inspect all aspects of the company according to the safety inspection plan to find out hidden accidents; pay close attention to hidden risk rectification and further deepen special governance to promote the company's safety responsibility system, implement the accountability system and improve the safety management system; establish and improve a long-term mechanism for hidden risk finding and governance to strengthen the company's safety management basis and improve the safety risk identification work quality, to achieve the hidden risk finding and governance of the company, fully improve the employees' safety quality and safety prevention capacity, and curb occurrence of accidents.

Nanjing Intelligent Safety Supervision Cloud Platform



Through Nanjing Intelligent Safety Supervision Cloud Platform, the enterprise can independently inspect the hidden risks in the production on a regular basis and report in time and carries out rectification and correction for the hidden risks within a certain period and upload the results in time. The popularity of this platform mgives the enterprise an opportunity to actively carry out self-inspection and self-report for the safety production in collaboration with the government, acting from passively to actively and regard safety production as a enterprise business for continuous management!

Management organization chart



Safety production input


Serial number Project Use plan

Amount of money


Perfect, reconstruct and maintain the safety equipment and facilities;

Every quarter ¥:90000

Carry out safety production education and training and allocate labor protection articles;

Monthly ¥:90000

Carry out safety assessment, monitoring of major hazards, hidden accident assessment and correction actions;

Every quarter ¥:30000

Prevent occupational hazards, inspect and monitor occupational hazards, and occupational health examination;

Every quarter ¥:30000

Inspect and test the safety performances of equipment and facilities;

Monthly ¥:20000

Allocate emergency rescue equipment and carry out emergency rescue drills;

Annually ¥:15000

Safety marks and identifications;

Annually ¥:5000

Other objectives or activities directly related to safety production

Annually ¥:20000


Operational norms and education training


The company posts specifition documents for each machine, each process of operation, post and each process station and posts and prepares detailed training before production. Also, Uniworks also use the random check during the production.

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